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The 6th Conference on Field Cycling NMR Relaxometry
The venue
The 6th Conference on Field Cycling NMR Relaxometry will be held on June 4 - 6, in Turin (Italy) at Villa Gualino.
Villa Gualino, is a prestigious villa up the hills overlooking the city of Turin on the Southern Bank of the Po River. It's about 10 minutes by car or bus from the main railroad station and Turin's major commercial arteries.
The purpose
of the workshop is to gather people with active interests in nuclear and electron spin relaxation, fast magnetic field switching experiments, low field magnetic resonance, nuclear electric quadrupole resonance, and magnetic imaging.
The discussions
will focus on magnetic field cycling experimental techniques, data interpretation and theory, as well as applications in all areas.
Related applications performed by other low-frequency and low resolution NMR techniques are welcome as well.
The topics
will span a range including experimental issues, interpretative foundations, liquids, solids, porous and heterogeneous materials, polymers, biological materials, and diagnostics.
The workshop talks
will be organized largely based on abstracts submitted.
Please, submit an abstract in electronic format directly from abstract page.